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Tech-Savvy Therapy: Exploring the Benefits of Talk Tales: Apraxia Apps

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Tech-Savvy Therapy: Exploring the Benefits of Talk Tales: Apraxia Apps

In today’s digital age, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, and its impact can be seen in various aspects, including healthcare and therapy. One field that has greatly benefited from technological advancements is speech therapy, particularly in the treatment of apraxia. Talk Tales: Apraxia Apps have emerged as a useful tool in aiding young children with apraxia, providing them with an interactive and engaging platform for practicing learning how to say sounds and words.

Apraxia is a motor speech disorder that affects the ability to execute and coordinate the precise movements required for speech production. It can be a challenging condition to treat, often requiring extensive speech therapy sessions. However, with Talk Tales: Apraxia Apps, practice in and out of therapy has become more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for children.

One of the key advantages of these apps is their interactive, engaging nature. Speech therapy for apraxia involves repetitive exercises, which can be monotonous and demotivating for children. Talk Tales: Apraxia Apps, utilize interactive stories with animated characters or videos that are the target words. These make therapy sessions or at-home practice more engaging. The animated characters serve as an intrinsic reinforcement system providing a fun and motivating environment for children with apraxia to practice their speech skills. Videos of how to move the mouth to produce sounds are very reinforcing. Children who are wiggly and have difficulty looking at a speech therapist’s face to learn how to make a sound, will often attend to the mouth videos and play them over and over.

Another significant benefit of Talk Tales: Apraxia Apps is the convenience they offer. With these apps, practicing speech can occur anytime and anywhere, which gives families flexibility and convenience. This accessibility also enables more frequent practice, leading to faster progress in therapy.

Additionally, Talk Tales: Apraxia Apps foster a sense of independence and empowerment. The apps allow parents to assist children in their therapy journey, providing them with a platform to practice and improve their speech skills at their own pace. This sense of agency can significantly boost self-confidence and motivation, leading to better outcomes in therapy.

In conclusion, Talk Tales: Apraxia Apps have created a significant boost for apraxia therapy with non-verbal and low-verbal children by offering an interactive, convenient platform to practice their speech skills. By incorporating animation, videos, and engagement techniques, these apps make practicing speech enjoyable, ensuring that patients remain motivated throughout the process. The adaptability and accessibility of these apps make therapy more efficient, and the sense of independence they provide empowers individuals to take control of their own progress. 

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Talk Tales: Apraxia Apps | childhood apraxia

Interactive story-based apps designed by a speech-language pathologist with over 20 years of experience. The apps were created to help children with childhood apraxia and/or autism learn easy words and sounds. However, they are are also helpful for all children learning to speak.

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